Pre-employment checks

The Equality Act (2010) ( requires employers not to discriminate against employees at either the advertisement or interview stage. However without knowing something of new employees’ disabilities it becomes impossible to plan sensible, reasonable adjustments, modifications or redeployment options.


Our secure, sensitive, questionnaire enables our doctors to give you advice on any employee’s disability without breaking medical confidentiality. This ensures compliance with the law and gives your new employee a good impression of your organizations attitude to health and safety issues. It enforces also good employment practices with regard to sensitive medical data and appropriate access to such.


For some roles obtaining base line data on health is important for future surveillance. The assessment process can advise you on which employees may need further detailed assessments enabling you to focus your budget on the correct high risk groups.


Many companies fail to identify the need for a per-employment screen or the need for baseline screening at commencement of employment or complete an assessment process long after employees have started.



Our confidential secure process helps you look after your staff whilst meeting legislative requirements.

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