Health surveillance

Occupational Health is based on the effects of health on work – and the effects of work on health. Health risk analysis simply investigates the health hazards which may exist in the work place.

These include:

  • Physical

  • Psychological

  • Chemical

  • Biological

  • Ergonomic

Health surveillance should be undertaken when:

  • It is required by legislation eg COSHH and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

  • There is an identifiable disease or adverse health effect which may be related to work and there is a reasonable likelihood of this occurring under those conditions at work.

  • There is a valid detection technique.

  • It is of benefit to employees to be included in the health surveillance.

  • The effectiveness of work controlled measures are in doubt.

  • There remains a perceived residual risk to health after controlled measures have been introduced.

We advise you on your responsibilities to the well being of your employees, under the ever increasing amount of UK and EU Occupational legislation.

Remember we won’t recommend any health surveillance unless it is;

  • Evidence based.

  • A valid measurement or activity.

  • Legally required.

That is part of our promise to you to never sell you anything you don’t need.

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